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Airbus Perlan 2 To Soar To 100,000 Feet In Bid To Understand Climate

Airbus Perlan 2 to soar to 100,000 feet in bid to understand climate


In early November 2015, Aviation News published an article on the Airbus Perlan II’s first successful flight in September and how the the Phase 2 project in Argentina’s main objective is about weather, climate and the ozone layer.

“In Argentina in 2016, the Perlan 2 will begin riding air currents that, in certain mountainous regions near the north and south poles, can reach into the stratosphere. Next year’s flights are expected to reach 90,000 feet, exceeding even the altitudes achieved by the U-2 and the SR-71 spyplanes.”

Additionally, the article introduces the Phase 3 objective where the aircraft will be preparing to explore the polar vortex in the northern Hemisphere.

For additional information on the Airbus Perlan 2, click to view the full article

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