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Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders visits the Perlan II Team

The Airbus Group’s CEO, Tom Enders, visited the Perlan 2 hangar in Minden NV the first week of March to work alongside the glider team as they achieved a historic milestone with the start of pressurized flights. The Perlan 2 team continues to prepare for their upcoming flight in June. The Perlan 2 is designed to soar on wind currents to 90,000 feet.


Dr. Elizabeth and the Perlan II Team discussion with Tom Enders during his visit

The visit began with a detailed briefing from pilot Jim Payne on the custom built glider and its systems. Enders was able to pressurize the cabin and perform a ground test of instrumentation but, unfortunately, they were not able to have an actual flight due to the weather conditions in Minden. Below is a quote from Enders regarding his visit.

It was a pleasure to meet with the devoted innovators behind a scientific mission that will break the world altitude record for level, controlled flight,” Enders said. “This project began as the inspiration of a small group of talented volunteers, and has evolved into one of the boldest endeavors in modern aviation. We’re proud to support a program that so perfectly embodies the pioneering spirit of Airbus.

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